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Guess the emoji level 13-7 – Paper Cut – Paper and Knife Incoming search terms:letter and knife emojiguess the emoji letter and knifeemoji letter and knifeletter and knifeletter knife emojinote and knife emojiemoji letter knifeguess the emoji letter knifeChhos any one cap ye apke life ki ek pol kholegibi├žak ve kagit emoji

Guess the emoji level 13-5 – Queen Elizabeth – Queen and British Flag Incoming search terms:guess the emoji queen and flagemoji british flag and ladyemoji qyesn wid salutionsvoce consegue resolver banana in englishwhats does it mean with a queen and a england flag

Guess the emoji level 13-3 – Drama Queen – Clapperboard and Princess Incoming search terms:guess the emoji movie and queenguess the emoji movie and princessmovie and princess emojiguess the emoji movie princessmovie queen emojikannada chandra thakol cupA malayalam movie with sign of ball head tea trees and elephantsolve emoji clapper american flag and girlone symbol …

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