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Guess the emoji level 14-9 – Hot Dog – Hot Coffee and Dog / Poodle Incoming search terms:guess the emoji coffee and poodlecoffee poodle emojiemoji coffee poodleguess the emoji coffee poodlecoffee dog emojicoffee poodle guess the emojicoffee and poodleemoji coffee and poodleguess the emoji answers coffee poodle

Guess the emoji level 14-8 – Turtle Dove – Turtle and Bird Incoming search terms:turtle and bird emojiturtle bird emojiguess the emoji turtle birdbird bird bird game emojianswer to guess the malayalam movie football bird teafootballbird in moviemalayalam movie football bird tea com

Guess the emoji level 14-6 – Finish Line – Flag and Line Incoming search terms:guess the emoji checkered flag and dashguess the emoji bell squiggly linecheckered flag dash emojicheckered flag and line emojiflag and line in

Guess the emoji level 14-5 – Pen Pals – Pen and Boys Incoming search terms:pen and two faces emojiGuess the Emoji Pin Boyguess the emoji pen and two boyspen two face emojipen face face emojiemoji pen two faceguess the emoji pen two facespen and man and baby emoji

Guess the emoji level 14-4 – British Airways – British flag and Plane Incoming search terms:guess the emoji british flag and airplaneguess the emoji flag and planeflag plane flag emojiguess the emoji british flag and planebritish flag and airplane

Guess the emoji level 14-3 – Sweat Pants – Smiley Face and Pants / Jeans Incoming search terms:emoji pantssmiley face and pants emojiguess the emoji smiley face and pantssmiley pants emojiface pants emojismiley face pantshappy face and pants emojiemoji laughing face with trousers