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Guess the emoji level 26-7 – Orchestra – Violin Trumpet Saxophone Incoming search terms:emoji quiz saxophone trumpet cat cat catemoji quiz saxophone trumpet three catsguess the emoji violin trumpet saxophone

Guess the emoji level 26-5 – Tour De France – Bicycle and France Flag Incoming search terms:emoji flag train flagbike flag emojiman on bike and flag emojibike and flag emojiboy riding a cycle ball banana dog=which moviemale ball banana monkey filmname of movie that have emoji of cycle monkey

Guess the emoji level 26-4 – Insomnia – No ZZZ Incoming search terms:zzz emojiFilm Ka Name Teddy Car Heart FootBallno zzz emojizzz emoji popno sign and zzz emojiemoji zzz and bugswww br zzzno sign zzz emojiguess the emoji no entry zzz

Guess the emoji level 26-1 – Back Stabber – Back Arrow Man Knife Incoming search terms:back man knife emojiguess the emoji back man knifeback face knife emojiemoji back man knifeback arrow man knife emojiguess the emoji back arrow man knifemask man knife emoji