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Guess the emoji level 28-10 – Camera Shy – Camera and Smiley Face Incoming search terms:camera smiley emojicamera smiley face emojiTiger and shrimp emojiguess the emoji camera smilecamera smileycamera sun emojicamera smiley face emoji popcamera and smiley face emojiemoji camera and smiley facecamera and sun emoji

Guess the emoji level 28-9 – Silence of the Lambs – Mute Sheep Sheep Incoming search terms:no sound sheep sheep emojisheep telephone plane shoeguess the emoji mute sheep sheepno sound goat goat emojimute two sheeps emoji

Guess the emoji level 28-5 – Hell No – Fire Evil Girl Incoming search terms:guess the emoji fire devil girlfire devil girl emojiemoji fire devil girlfire devil woman emojifire devil girlfire and purple devil emoji

Guess the emoji level 28-3 – Columbus – Flag Ship Magnifying Glass Flag Incoming search terms:girl magnifying glass world emojiflag boat magnifying glass flag emoji