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Guess the emoji 29-10 – Pegasus – Horse and Plane Incoming search terms:horse plane emojiguess the emoji horse planeguess the emoji horse and planehorse planehorse and plane emojiemoji horse planehorse and planehorse airplane emojiemoji horse and planehorse airplane

Guess the emoji level 29-5 – Tennis Elbow – Tennis and Arm Incoming search terms:tennis ball and arm emojitennis ball arm emojiguess the emoji tennis ball armguess the emoji tennis ball and armtennis ball and armcycle racket banana monkeywhat is the film name for cycle tennis racket banana monkeycycle tennis ball banana monkey=? movie nameguess …

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Guess the emoji level 29-3 – Death Stare – Skull and Eyes Incoming search terms:guess the emoji skull eyesskull eyes emojiguess the emoji skull and eyesskull and eyes emojiwhat does the skull emoji meanskeleton eyes emojiWat does the skull emojji meanWat does the emojji skull meangues sthe emoji skulk eyeswhat does the two skeleton face …

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Guess the emoji level 29-2 – Appletini – Apple and Cocktail / Martini / Wine / Juice Incoming search terms:guess the emoji apple and cocktailapple glass emojiemoji apple cocktailapple drink emojiaction cd mail mailbox emojiguess the emoji apple cocktailapple glass emoji solutionapple wine guess up