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Guess the emoji level 30-8 – Eurostar – England Flag Train French Flag Incoming search terms:yhs-ddc_bdflag train flag emojiguess the emoji flag train flagbritish flag train french flag emojibritish flag train french flagengland bus Italy emoji

Guess the emoji level 30-7 – Plant vs Zombies – Sunflower vs feet skull Incoming search terms:pin key sun ear puzzle answerguess the emoji sunflower vs feet skullflower vs feet skull emojisunflower vs footprints skull emojisunflower vs feet skull emoji popsunflower vs feet skullemoji sunflower vs footprints skullflower vs footprints skull emojiguess the emoji flower …

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Guess the emoji level 30-6 – Calling the Shots – Telephone and Blood Incoming search terms:guess the emoji phone needlephone needle emojiemoji phone bloodphone and blood emojiguess the emoji phone bloodphone blood emojiphone and needletelephone n injection emoji

Guess the emoji level 30-3 – Bolt – Puppy and Lightning Incoming search terms:emoji dog lightningdog lightning emojidog car Dil football movie namedog lightning bolt emojiguess the emoji dog lightningdog and lightning emojiemoji puppy lightningemijo dog flash

Guess the emoji level 30-1 – Bad Hair Dry – Thumbs Down Hair and Calendar Incoming search terms:guess the emoji thumbs down hair cut calendaremoji thumbs down woman haircut and 11 sephair seven emoji guess what it mean