Manufacturing of future iPhones would be hindered by Coronavirus

In an article, Reuters reveals some economic consequences of the coronavirus epidemic. For Apple employees, the impossibility of traveling to China is blocking the development of future iPhones.

A few days ago, Apple announced that iPhone production was slowed by the Covid-19 coronavirus epidemic. The Californian brand explained that it expected its quarterly results to drop due to the slowdown in the Chinese economy. Many stores are now closed and only a small number of its partner factories have returned to work, at a slower pace.

In an article, Reuters reveals behind the scenes of the relations between Apple and its service providers like Foxconn and Wistron. We discover that the production of the iPhone is not the only thorn in the side of Tim Cook.

Apple would finalize its iPhone every year in January
Since 2012, Apple has presented its new iPhones in September. The brand has made a habit of organizing its keynote at the beginning of the month and of marketing the devices the last week. What Reuters tells us is that the iPhones are actually finalized long before. It was at the end of January that the engineers of the company would travel to China to finalize the design of future iPhones. The production lines would then be designed in March or April and would run at full speed in June.

Because of the coronavirus, Apple engineers can no longer travel to China. Without physical encounter, it is therefore impossible for them to really advance on the future iPhone. The brand is therefore awaiting a resolution of the conflict, in order to catch up.

At present, the production of future iPhones does not seem threatened. The Californian still has time to prepare his new products. On the other hand, if a pandemic were to really be declared, the consequences on Apple and its service providers could take on importance. The number of parameters to take into account is unfortunately too important for Apple to do without a physical trip to the places where its products will be manufactured.

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