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How Much Would You Pay To Buy The Best Digital Grand Piano

How Much Would You Pay To Buy The Best Digital Grand Piano?

There are digital pianos and then there are digital grand pianos. Just like their traditional counterparts, digital grand pianos are the best of the best. Of course, there are tons of models available, so you still have to pick the best one. You might be surprised to know that they can sell for as little as a grand, pardon the pun, and on up to around 10,000 dollars or more.

Brand appears to matter considerably, and does that mean you don’t have to worry about differences in quality? For sure, the more expensive digital grand pianos are going to be of higher quality. Have you ever sat down to play one? Years ago, I sat down to play one multiple times in a showroom, and we are talking these pianos were thousands of dollars more than the ones that pull up in searches. More at

It makes you wonder if there are still upright digital pianos that cost over 20 grand. Advanced pianists are definitely familiar with brands, but there are some out there I’ve never heard of before. Now while on average, you can expect to pay thousands of dollars for a digital grand, just think about how much a traditional grand costs. More at

That is one of the reasons people are buying the digital grand pianos because that is what they can afford between the two. If you always wanted your very own grand piano, well here is your chance to own one for less. Are they a good investment? How long can you expect them to last? The warranty on these pianos better be good if they cost that much. Always know what you will be looking at when it comes to repairs in later years. Traditional pianos can be built to last a lifetime, but can they say the same about the digital versions?