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Best Manly Diaper Bags For Dads

 I do not understand how men think. That is why I would be a poor person to recommend the best diaper bag would be for men. I simply have the wrong parts.

Because we do things properly here at Parent.Guide, I have had a male stunt double fill in for me. His name is Hugh and he considers himself the essence of all things man. Who better to ask about the best male diaper bag? This introduction is the only female input into this article. Take it away Hugh….

Like Jess touched on, men are different to women. A difference that goes beyond the dangly bits that are visible on the outside. Being a man is a mindset and we need a diaper bag to match.

While we may let down our manly bravado in the comfort of our own home and partake in tea parties with the daughter or wear an apron and bake cakes for the wife (in a manly way… of course) this is entirely of our own choosing. What we do not like is being forced into letting go of our manliness

Hey, baby product manufacturers; Guess what? Guys also carry diaper bags and it turns out that we are not huge fans of vibrant pinks or floral prints. So why do you insist on carrying entire ranges of wonderful functional diaper bags adorned in these ugly colors? You are forcing us to let go of our manly image in public. This can make us feel very uncomfortable.

The best diaper bags for men

Lets take a look at some of the most popular diaper bags on the market. These diaper bags not only are completely functional, but stylish as well. Who says a Dad can’t look good?

Best Shoulder Diaper Bag

We will kick off our list of top diaper bags for men with this over the shoulder option.

The strap itself is designed to be worn across the chest, similar to a the seatbelt found in a car. This design helps make the diaper bag much more comfortable to carry than those that hang from the shoulder.

Men generally have broader shoulders than women and a diaper bag hanging off a pencil thin strap can quickly dig in and become uncomfortable. This diaper bags strap is not only nice and wide, but also padded, allowing you to easily carry the diaper bag around all day. The strap is also completely adjustable, a handy feature because dads can come in all different shapes and sizes.

The Diaper bag also comes with built in stroller straps. This allows you to easily hang the bag from your stroller when pushing your baby through the great outdoors (or indoors).

The material used on the bag itself is a durable polyester weave and the zippers mean business. You wont find flimsy zippers on this bag. Great for dads that do not know their own strength that count destroying easily breakable objects amongst their hobbies.

Variety is the spice of life and you will be pleased to now that this diaper bag is available in a wide range of colors and styles. The bag is even available in your favorite baseball team allowing you to care for your little one while show casing your team colors to the other dads in the playground (and to remind them that their baseball team sucks).

The three zippered pockets on the outside of the allow you to easily grab regularly used items at a moments notice and can easily be accessed without removing the diaper bag from your shoulder. Men are all about doing things quicker, and this feature really appealed to me.

In an effort to keep the size down, Diaper Dude has chosen to go with a single storage compartment for the inside of the bag. If you are a man who likes to stuff as many things into a small space without any sense of order then this system will work fine for you. If you prefer order to the chaos that is raising a baby, this system will probably not appeal to you.

While this is an amazing diaper bag, it is most suited to smaller trips since it is not as spacious as other bags on the market. If you are a dad who is looking for a much larger diaper bag; read on!


Best Backpack Diaper Bag For Dads

I have always been a fan of diaper backpacks. While you do have to take them off your shoulders in order to reach anything, they are amazing at holding and organizing your baby gear.

Created by Dad Gear, a company that focuses exclusively on baby gear for dads, this diaper backpack comes in over 30 different designs. With so much choice it has never been easier to be a trendy dad.

In contrast to the previous diaper bag, this one simple excels at organizing and storing baby things. In fact, scattered across the bag are over 13 easy to access compartments. With this many pockets you will soon become an organization wizard, easily able to locate any baby product you need, as if by magic.

The backpack features a diaper “hammock”. The hammock allows you to keep your diapers  at the top of the bag, keeping them clean and neat. Underneath the hammock is the big central compartment that you can stuff full to your hearts content. If you are a stuffer, you will still easily be able to locate all your baby products as the bag completely unzips, allowing you to lay it completely flat while you change your baby.

In addition to the large spacious compartment are two zippered pockets with mesh netting storage areas. These mesh areas are perfect for storing your own personal belongings such as keys and mobiles phones.

Like many other backpacks, this one has a velcro pocket that will fit most brands of baby wipes. The pocket allows you to quickly and easily grab a baby wipe without the need to open your diaper bag and dig through it. Your baby’s sticky fingers will not stand a chance!

If the idea of a backpack diaper bag appeals toy our inner man then I would look no further. A seriously great bag to get your baby product organization on.

Best Large Sized Diaper Bag For Men

I love things that are bigger and better than the next. This diaper bag is definitely bigger. If you are looking for a heavy diaper bag with enough room to service twins then this is the solution for you.

This bag is seriously and unapologetically big. It wears it’s bigness on it’s sleeve. Many mothers claim that this diaper bag is too big to be comfortably carried. But we are men. Carrying big stuff is what we do. Seriously, this diaper bag is so big it can be slung across the back of a double stroller.

If you don’t have twins and just want to use this diaper bag to carry around a LOT of stuff for a single child then the bag also fits on a single stroller.

While this diaper bag is available in numerous different styles, they all come across as being somewhat feminine. The neutral black color choice will not take away from your manliness at all. More at

I seriously cannot recommend any other bag if you are a dad looking to carry as much as you possibly can.

Best Military Themed Diaper Bag

Any father will tell you, diaper changing is like going to war. The enemy has a poop cannon that leaves the messiest of poop explosions. Gear up for war with this camouflage diaper bag, designed by Lilian Rose.

Unfortunately the material used is not a high denier cordura like that you would find in official military gear. The diaper bag is instead constructed of a durable cotton/polyester blend with a green camo pattern. Fortunately the material seems durable and is easy to wipe down.

A nice touch was the addition of badges that have been sewn to the exterior of the diaper bag. A round badge reads: “Daddy, always ready, always there” while a rectangular badge in the center of the bag reads: “Fathers Creed: I Am a Father. I have answered my child’s call. I will not quit. I will not fail”.

Featuring an abundance of pockets on the inside and out, This diaper bag will carry all the essentials you need when travelling with your baby.

Best Novelty Daddy Diaper Bag

Okay, this diaper bag for dads is not the most practical but dang, it certainly looks awesome. I simply had to mention it in this diaper bag guide. Resembling a tool belt, this diaper bag will certainly get more than a few comments from friends and family.

Located around the outside the diaper bag are seven open pockets, with a large pocket for storage in the center. The pockets do not have zippers and as a result, it is easy for things to fall out. This makes the diaper bag an impractical solution for taking outside of the house.

The fabric resembles leather, like that you would find on a proper tool bag. Upon closer inspection you will realize that it is actually a faux suede. However, to the passer by, the diaper bag very much resembles a proper tool pouch. More at

If you are looking for a cute diaper bag just for use around the home then this is a viable option. If you are looking for a take anywhere solution, any of the other diaper bags in this guide are a much better option.